About Climb It

Climb-it Holds has been on the cutting edge of hold innovation for over twenty years, and we are getting nothing but better.  Our focus is on helping climbing facilities maximize their potential by providing a higher quality product in a huge variety of shapes, ranging from micro-crimps to massive features, to bring all of the best climbing from all of the best crags around the world to your clients’ fingertips.  At Climb-it Holds, it is a point of pride to produce not just good, but the very best holds on the market, and to help you give your clients the best possible climbing experience.

There are a number of factors that differentiate Climb-it from the rest of the industry:

Innovation and experience

Since being founded in 1990, Climb-it has consistently produced some of the most innovative and realistic shapes in artificial climbing.  With over two decades of experience not just in shaping, but of hold manufacture; the holds that we produce are lightweight, ultra-strong 100% urethane, and we are constantly working to make our holds more durable, more ergonomic, and more aesthetically pleasing every single day.

In-house hold production

Unlike many of our competitors, Climb-it does not outsource our hold production to a third-party hold manufacturer who simply stamps on a logo, but is actually done in our factory by Climb-it employees.  This means that not only can we operate with a lower overhead and offer a lower cost per weight than any other major hold manufacturer, but we also have direct communication from sales and customer service to production, which means that we have better quality control and faster turnaround times on each order.

More holds for the money

As was mentioned above, our in-house production keeps costs down for our clients, which allows us to offer a lower cost per weight than any of our competitors while still producing a higher quality product.  Many of our competitors have tried categorizing their holds as being bigger than they actually are to compensate for higher costs, so that customers will think that they are getting a good deal until they open the box and realize that “Large” is a relative term.  At Climb-it, we categorize our holds simply by weight, and our sizing schemata has not changed since in the twenty-one years that we have been in the business, and our prices easily beat out all of our major competitors when looking at comparably-sized products.

Better aesthetics

Climb-it understands that our customers are looking for two things in their climbing holds, functionality and style, and we have got them both down to a science.  Our hold line has no gimmicks, and no shapeless blobs- our holds are inspired either by the rock in climbing areas across the world, or crafted as specific training series to help you get your climbers stronger.  With a wide variety of vibrant colors and beautiful shaping, our holds will make a difference that your customers will notice.

Being the best has not made us stagnant- we are constantly beta-testing new ideas, shaping new molds, and just generally looking for more ways to continue giving you more for your money than any other hold manufacturer in the world.  If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please do so on our website or contact us by phone at (909) 297-0648.

Dave Hamilton
Director of Operations
Climb-it Holds