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  1. Silverado River Cobbles

    Silverado River Cobbles


    A series of cobbles, molded directly from actual granite hand-picked by master shaper Louie Anderson from Silverado Canyon. The hold texture is a perfect simulation of natural granite, and is one of the most realistic hold series on the market. These skin-friendly pinches are great for moderate to advanced routes on vertical terrain, or advanced problems on steeper walls. Learn More
  2. Power Domes Complete Set

    Power Domes Complete Set


    A series of massive slopers, designed for pure power climbing. A combination of new shapes and classic features dating back to the early nineties, the Power Domes are fantastic for moderate to advanced climbing on vertical walls to more difficult routes and problems on steeper terrain. The following 17 sets are included:
  3. Power Dome #1
  4. Power Dome #2
  5. Power Dome #3
  6. Power Dome #4
  7. Power Dome #5
  8. Power Dome #6
  9. Power Dome #7
  10. Power Dome #8
  11. Power Dome #9
  12. Power Dome #10
  13. Power Dome #11
  14. Power Dome #12
  15. Power Dome #13
  16. Power Dome #14
  17. Power Dome #15
  18. Power Dome #16
  19. Power Dome #17
  20. Learn More
  • Edges Crimps Set

    Edges Crimps Set


    Another great training series. Our Edges series is comprised of incut edges for easier climbing on steeper walls, slope edges for making harder routes on more moderate terrain, and flat edges for routes and problems in between the two. This versatile series can be used for routes of any grade range. Learn More
  • NEW! Comfy Crimps Set A

    NEW! Comfy Crimps Set A


    Our new Comfy series are a collection of pockets and crimps for all-around use that are tendon-friendly and versatile. Great for setting anything from juggy beginner routes with some personality, to dialing in the newest testpiece for your strongest climbers, these are a fantastic set of holds to get on your walls. Learn More
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