Climb It Colors

New industry-standard color options, along with all of our classic color options

At Climb-It, we are always focused on giving our customers what they want, and we know that sometimes this goes beyond just making great holds. For that reason, we are following up our recent urethane upgrade with an expansion of our color offerings to cover the full range of industry-standard colors in addition to all of the classic colors that we already produce. This means that no matter whose holds you have purchased for your gym in the past, you can upgrade to Climb-It without breaking your color scheme. These colors are as follows:


Standard Colors

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Brown, Gray


Classic Colors

Bright Red, Bright Pink, Bright Orange, Lime Green, Bright Green, Bright Yellow, Light Blue, Teal, Dark Blue


Specific colors are available on request for a 10% surcharge to assign colors to individual sets, but general requests (such as "Standard Colors only" or "No black holds") can be processed for no additional charge.